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To spend all day working in a garden, is my idea of Heaven.

To spend all day working in a garden, is my idea of Heaven. To see the seasons change, and to witness nature in all its forms, is a wonder to behold.

Hi. My name is Jodie Miller. I am a gardener, and I look after gardens in the Worcestershire area. Although I am self-taught, I am also experienced and in training for RHS qualifications. In my opinion, everyone deserves to relax and switch off in their own well-maintained garden, no matter its size or composition. It is so important, in our busy lives, to remember that it is ‘OK’ to stop, sit still, and be mindful of the wonders around us.

I am a mother of two young boys, and know all too well , how easy it is to clutter up the mind with every little detail of day to day living in an often-frantic modern world. So, if you feel like you need to reclaim some of your head space, and you need a special place like your garden to switch off, I can help you tame that garden, back to its former glory.

I am excited and enthusiastic at the thought of helping you achieve your Magical Garden Dreams.

What I can do for your Garden

Regular maintenance for your garden.

Generally, I like to visit a garden before I commit to it. This is just to ensure that the garden is in a manageable condition before I can start work on maintaining it. For example, if you book me for 2.5 hrs of work and the garden is thick with six foot high brambles, we may both be disappointed. Lol.

I offer:

  • 2.5 hrs of maintenance at £65  (Suitable for smaller gardens)
  • 5 hrs of maintenance at £125 (Suitable for medium sized gardens)
  • For larger gardens, please arrange a visit to discuss your needs.

This service includes:

  • Lawn cutting
  • Leaf clearing
  • Pruning
  • Weeding

You can choose how regularly you need maintenance for example, once a week, once a fortnight etc. Please do bear in mind how quickly gardens can grow in the spring/summer months  so one 2.5 hrs session once a month may not help you or your garden much.

One off garden clearance

Back to those brambles! If you just need to have your garden hacked back and returned to some order after along period of neglect, then I am available to provide you a quotation for the work after a garden visit at a time that suits you.

Border planting

If you wish, I am able to redesign a tired looking border, or cut out a new one, and plant it with new plants that can change the look of your garden. Please arrange a visit for a quotation.

I am set up as a maintenance business, and so therefore I am unable to offer quotes for hard landscaping projects.

Inviting nature back into your garden

Contact me

Whatever size garden, whatever you need, please just ask